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What is pruning, and why is it so important? 

Many beginners ask themselves this after starting an orchard or thinking about making an orchard of their own at home. Pruning is a great way to start and keep a healthy orchard. Depending on how far along you are in your plans, you might need to decide on what trees you want. 

Indiana is home to more types of fruit trees than you probably think. While you might know about pear and cherry trees, you might not be aware of lesser-known fruit Indiana can grow like persimmons and paw-paws. 

Regardless of the type of fruit, your trees will need some pruning to stay healthy and thrive. Wildcat Creek Tree Service is a top-rated tree service in Lafayette, Indiana that will give expert advice to those looking to help or start their orchard.

What Fruit Trees Can Grow in Indiana?

You may be wondering what fruit you should have in your orchard or what can even grow in Indiana. Very common fruits found in Indiana are apples, pears, and cherries. Apple trees are especially hardy and can thrive in any part of the state. Indiana even ranks 11th in the US in commercial apple production. 

While these are the most popular staples across orchards in the Hoosier State, they certainly aren’t all you can grow. Indiana’s climate allows for more fruit than many think and can support peach, persimmon, and apricot trees. Plum trees and the obscure but delicious paw-paw tree also can be found growing in the state.

pruning your trees is an essential aspect of tree health in lafayette indiana

Why Do Trees Need Pruned?

Pruning is the process of taking off small sections of the tree to shape and direct its development. This helps ensure the tree is fit and healthy for continued growth. Pruning trees can be done for many reasons—from the health of the tree to owner safety. Pruning your trees when they are young is important as it will help shape them in a way that is conducive for maximum fruit production. 

Left to their own devices, trees can grow in ways that aren’t beneficial for bearing fruit, whether that’s growing too tall to harvest or becoming overcrowded with branches. This can lead to a tree blocking most of its own branches from getting sunlight or can sometimes have so much fruit on its branches high up it threatens snapping itself.

To prevent fruit from dropping too early from the weight of overcrowding, pruning should be used. This extra room given to the tree can then result in larger fruit to harvest due to having extra space and nutrients, as well as protecting the tree from limb damage. Amateurs can often hurt their trees trying to prune them by themselves. 

The difference between permanently damaging your tree and pruning it correctly is thin, and we recommend having it handled by a professional. Improper pruning can cause disease, lack of fruit, or even the death of the tree. With years of experience pruning as a tree service in Lafayette, Indiana, Wildcat Creek Tree Services is the best option for skilled care for your trees while keeping them safe.

When Do Trees Need Pruned?

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development recommends pruning trees at certain times in the year. While many of these times fall in winter and early spring, it is still very important to keep an eye out for pruning work that needs done now. If you have dead or diseased branches, they need to be removed as soon as possible. Pruning is necessary for keeping diseased branches from spreading throughout your tree or to other trees. Waiting too long risks losing your tree, harvest, or entire orchard.

How do I Get My Trees Pruned?

Now you know how instrumental pruning is in starting and keeping an amazing orchard! Your next question may be, “where can I get pruning to create strong, beautiful trees full of healthy fruit?” If you are looking for a tree service in Lafayette, Indiana to prune your trees or need any other tree-related services such as trimming, removal, or brush removal, contact Wildcat Creek Tree Services.