seeding the future generations

Throughout the ages, our ancestors have been stewards of the land, building shelters, plowing fields, and planting orchards—all with the help of trees. More than a hobby or an interest, this necessity sparked new talents and skills that have since been passed down through countless generations. As society blossomed into towns and cities, the need to cultivate and tame nature led to essential trades like our tree service in Lafayette, Indiana.

Ethical Arborist

These talents and skills have been cultivated through the focus on our symbiotic relationship with nature—when we nurture plant life, it nurtures us. This understanding shapes everything we do at Wildcat Creek Tree Service.

We understand that tree care involves more than just cutting down trees. Our approach is to beautify your property and the surrounding community as a whole. Seeking the health of your property’s plant life will ultimately bring health to you and your family.

Green Thumb

The term “green thumb” has an origin that’s unclear, and there are competing thoughts on the matter, from Kings who like peas to the algae on clay pots. Also, this phrase, made popular in the early 1900s, can reasonably be attributed to the chlorophyll in plants that give them a green color—hence, the handling of many green-growing things could presumably make one’s hands (or thumb) green.

Whatever brought this colorful term into being, finding someone with a genuine “green thumb” can be hard to find anymore. In the modern age, as humans are shut away in their neat, synthetic homes—away from nature, away from each other—many of us have lost that familial, even spiritual, connection to nature that was once essential to those who walked the earth.

Save the Trees, Save the World

Teddy Roosevelt, an avid outdoorsman, understood the importance of these gentle giants when he said, “A people without children would face a hopeless future; a country without trees is almost as hopeless.”

Trees—when alive and after being harvested—are amazing living things that supply mankind with an endless array of benefits.

Living trees give us shade, clean the air around us, and bring us beauty—and sometimes food.

While harvested trees, on the other hand, give us raw material for an amazing variety of uses. The wood from trees can be used to build our homes, heat our homes, add furniture to our homes, as well as giving us paper to write on and a medium for creating sculpture…the list is virtually endless.

Faith the Size of a Seed

As Stewards of the land, Wildcat vows not merely to walk in the path of the trailblazers who’ve come before us—but to lead by example. Our goal is to educate and empower communities to become the seeds of the land by which we grow with the help of tree service in Lafayette, Indiana.

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” (Psalm 24:1).