thinning your trees in lafayette indiana can help protect your property

What Is Tree Thinning?

Do the branches of your trees look like they’re competing for space? 

Then you might want to think about tree thinning!  
Tree thinning is the process of removing live, overcrowded branches. This helps promote the growth and health of trees and surrounding plant life. The branches removed are typically the smaller branches near the top of the canopy. It helps to increase the amount of sunlight and airflow throughout the entirety of a tree. Our experienced specialists will analyze and decide which branches would be best to remove. Wildcat Creek Tree Service is a 5-star rated tree service in Lafayette, Indiana who can assist you with thinning your trees.

let wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana thin your trees to make them healthier

Why Should I Have My Trees Thinned?

Having your trees thinned is vital for their health and appearance, and Wildcat Creek Tree Services can help! Here are a couple reasons why you should invest in tree thinning: 

  • Competition for nutrients – When branches become overcrowded, they are competing with each other for nutrients. With unnecessary branches, the lower and internal branches have difficulty receiving sunlight and nutrients.
  • Property – Overcrowded branches can have a negative effect on your property concerning both its aesthetic and level of safety. For example, crowded branches can create a barrier for wind. By removing these packed branches, you allow space for wind to pass through and lessen the possibility of your tree getting knocked down and causing property damage.
learn the difference between tree thinning and pruning in lafayette indiana by wildcat creek tree service

What Is the Difference Between Tree Pruning and Thinning?

You may be thinking that there isn’t much difference between pruning and thinning. While the difference is small, it is still relevant! Both will help with the health and growth of your tree. Thinning focuses on removing the excess branches that are ultimately hurting the condition of your tree. Pruning focuses more on removing larger branches to help direct the way a tree should grow. For example, fruit trees are often pruned so that the weight of the fruit doesn’t cause a branch to hang too close to the ground.

I Want to Have My Trees Thinned…How Do I Start the Process?

Thinning your trees is important to ensure that your tree stays in top condition. As one of the highest-rated tree services in Lafayette, Indiana, you can be sure that Wildcat Creek Tree Service will provide you with the best tree thinning service in the area. Contact us for a free consultation!